Tango app has been making it to the headlines lately, and definitely becoming one of the most on demand text, voice and video app services that works more likely as a social networking site, only that it includes (better) functions for connecting and sharing information to other people. A user, with this app, can make regular calls and video calls across other platforms, such as Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.

About Tango Use

  • Anyone can sign up free, provided he/she is 13 years old above.
  • Users can upgrade for a premium account at $9.99/month.
  • One can make an account using Facebook or using his or her email and phone number.
  • One should be able to allow push notifications, if he/she wanted to make use of the call feature.

Is Using Tango Good?

One of the things making it special is that it allows video chatting, something on demand for people who appreciate video chatting over ordinary chatting. Developers of the app said that this app is for connecting, getting social and having fun—all at the same time. It is their simple way of saying how flexible this app is for all people who want to communicate with both the people they or they don’t know.

The social app, just like Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites give users an access to tons of social images as well as post their own on the site. With that said, they will be able to socialize with their friends, colleagues and families better and easier.

With over 40 games, users, especially teenagers and game lovers, can enjoy their time better on the social app that gives them plenty of opportunities to enjoy their time online, aside from communicating with their friends.

In addition to these features, users can also listen to music and share the same with other people. Needless to say, the app could also be well-suitable for people who love music, while on social media.

However, the default profile visibility is public, so you may want to turn it off for your safety and privacy. In addition to this downside, there can also be plenty of ads on the free version, something common for many apps. Nevertheless, such drawback might have also been occurring in other free apps. And if you want to avoid ‘ads’ example, you might as well switch to becoming a ‘premium user.’

Are you ready to Tango?

With all the many benefits of using it for social media fun, media sharing and simply connecting with people, it seems a decent app for everyone to use. But of course, you may want to read more about it before downloading, although general public consensus on it is mostly positive.

Don’t forget:”It takes two to tango,” so invite friends to download the tango app for more fun today!

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